Almost daily we hear about the impact of genomics on healthcare and how gene-directed diagnosis and therapies are transforming our understanding of widely divergent fields of biology and medicine.

Here I share with you some of the stories from the last year that I found particularly interesting. These stores exemplify the extent to which genomics is going to change the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

Lecture 1: Reading homework assignment

Lecture 4: Guide to reading primary research articles

Topics for class presentation and discussion:

  • How useful are genomic approaches to solving mystery genetic diseases?
  • How can your genome directly help guide drug treatments for treating disease?
  • Can genetic testing be used to predict sports performance and injuries?
  • Can genetic testing and genome editing be useful for choosing healthier embryos and producing designer babies?
  • How will increased understating of epigenetics impact health care?
  • How does the microbiome affect health and can it be rationally altered to improve health?
  • Can people be identified solely from their genome sequence and if so what are the implications?
  • Will having my genome sequenced affect my family members?
  • Who has the right to know your genetic test results?

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